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Corporate Social Responsibility

Kenoil strongly supports the nurturing of our youth through mentoring, engagement and sailing to impart character values and sustainability. 

We are partnering METAZONE to deliver these programmes: 

Big Brother Big Sister Programme   (BBBS)


Mentoring Program of Young adults and students with a desire to give back to others that are less fortunate and lacking in opportunity.


Fully volunteer based.


Partnered with, and based in Republic of Singapore Yacht Club.

Sailing and Sustainability Programme (SSP)


Annual community youth program that uses the sailboats and the sea to teach Values and Sustainability, free to all students who need the opportunity and partnered with our local secondary schools.


Organized and run by our BBBS group of young adults, with the continuous support of Outward Bound School, Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, Changi Sailing Club, Raffles Marina & various Corporate Partners.

Corporate Mentoring and Facilitation


Metazone is partnered with over 30 leading multi-nationals, local companies and higher learning institutions . C Suite corporate leaders work closely with the BBBS group to mentor and provide positive pathways to the youth in our various programs. Understanding the journeys of business leaders and the way positive values propels one ahead.


From participation in our SSP programme and corporate visits to internships and finally job placement if necessary.

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